Medicine Use Review (MUR) and New Medicine Service (NMS)

Medicine Use Reviews:

A free NHS funded service that allows patients to have one to one conversation with pharmacists about their medication.  This is mainly focused on increasing a patient’s knowledge of the medications they have been prescribed.

New Medicine Service:

A free NHS funded service in England and the Isle of Man.  The service is designed for patients prescribed a new medication who may find it difficult to understand when and how to take them properly.
Jays Pharmacy
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Pooley Green 229 Pooley Green Rd, Egham, TW20 8AS
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Superintendent Pharmacist  //  Yasmin Patel
Pharmacist GPhC registration: 2073646
Farid Ahmed - Pharmacist GPhC registration: 2084505
Pooley Green Premises GPhC registration: 1036544

Egham Premises GPhC registration: 1118705

Jays Pharmacy
229 Pooley Green Road, Egham, TW20 8AS
Superintendent Pharmacist:
Hasmukh Patel
Superintendent Pharmacist GPhC Reg:
Pooley Green Premises GPhC Reg:
Egham Premises GPhC Reg: